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Jared Volle, M.S.

Creativity Expert and Entrepreneur
My name is Jared Volle and I've spent my life in pursuit of understanding how great artists, businessmen, and Scientists have forever altered the world we live in. Come learn the skills behind these creative people and make your own breakthroughs.

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I can create content dealing with creativity and innovation for your website or blog.

I can help you generate innovative ideas for any project you have.

I can analyze your project and give it an honest evaluation based off of my knowledge and experience.

I offer one on one creativity and innovation coaching for those of you who wish to have a more personal experience.

Hire me to deliver a speech on creativity and innovation at your next event

I also offer corporate training for companies looking to give their employees a leg up on the competition.

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My thoughts.

Do Traditions Hurt Creativity?

Tradition is a transmission of beliefs and activities. When those beliefs help move creative people toward exploration, they’ll benefit creativity. Tradition hurts creativity only when they are presupposing what can and cannot be done. Often, traditions do hurt creativity because they unconsciously carry with it presuppositions about what could work and what will never work. Exploration […]

Creativity and Addiction

Addiction can come from the creative personality, the nature of creativity itself, or even using drugs or alcohol for practical purposes but letting it get out of hand. The Creative Personality One of the most stable personality traits of creative people across all industries is that they’re open to experience. Its what allows them to […]

Computers Are Already Creative

In the 1960’s a computer had successfully created stanzas of a haiku that were judged by participants as making some kind of sense. That’s the earliest example I know of anything minimally passing as creativity. One of the earliest discoveries in science by a computer came from a niche of organic chemistry. The computer (DENDRAL) […]

6 Ways To Supercharge Your Creativity

These 6 areas get to the heart of what it means to be a creative person. Change any one of these areas and it’ll significantly effect your creativity for the better. These aren’t simply tactics or creativity techniques. They’re areas where you can make a few small changes for a huge impact. Increase Your Creative Potential […]

Can Imagination Be Improved?

The way you improve imagination is by influencing the direction/topic or by removing constraints. Imagination, itself, doesn’t need to be improved. You already have plenty of it. People that think they aren’t very imaginative tend to view imagination very narrowly. Imagination is a combination of combining mental imagery, emotions, and storytelling. Generally, we view imagination […]